• Center For American Indian Community Health
  • at the University of Kansas
  • Medical Center

Mission Statement for CAICH

CAICH is a National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities funded Center of Excellence to work toward health equity and equality in the American Indian/Alaska Native community in the Heartland.

Using community-based participatory research (CBPR), all efforts to reach health equity among American Indians/Alaska Natives begin within the communities we serve by forming a Community Advisory board (CAB) who sets the course for what health issues are most important for the Center to address.

We work daily to develop and implement programs to close health disparities in rates of cancer, diabetes, cigarette smoking, and other important health issues. In the process, we are carful to honor and respect the unique cultural framework that is so important to a healthy lifestyle.

Youth Ambassadors

We believe prevention is a key aspect of tackling health disparities and preventive efforts must begin with youth, particularly to create behavior change and healthy lifestyles. As such, outreach to youth is a key component of American Indian Health Research and Education Alliance. Each ambassador will serve for one year and will be paid for his/her efforts.

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Health Tips


Take time to learn your tribal language and songs through ceremony

Environmental Health

The U.S. products 250 million tons of solid waste a year. To lower this number reuse and recycle.

Mental Health

When feeling stressed take long deep breaths. Breaths should be deep enough to feel your ribs expanding.